.01 Temporary Permits.

A. The Commission may issue a temporary permit allowing an individual to provide, on a temporary basis, certified or licensed real estate appraisal services in the State, if the:

(1) Individual is licensed or certified in another state;

(2) Property to be appraised is located in Maryland;

(3) Appraiser's business is of a temporary nature in Maryland;

(4) Individual files an application for a temporary permit on a form prepared by the Commission; and

(5) Individual pays the fee set by the Commission.

B. A temporary permit:

(1) May be issued only for a particular appraisal assignment;

(2) May include multiple properties; and

(3) May not be renewed.

C. An individual may hold more than one temporary permit at a time.

D. More than one permit may be issued per year.

E. The term for a temporary permit:

(1) Is 6 months from the date of issuance;

(2) May not exceed the term of the license or certificate of the permit holder; and

(3) Terminates automatically and immediately if the temporary permit holder's license from the other state expires or is suspended or revoked.

F. A temporary permit automatically expires on the date the specific assignment is completed or the expiration date specified on the temporary permit, whichever occurs first.

G. Upon request, the Commission may extend the term of a temporary permit.

H. When a temporary permit is in effect, it authorizes the individual to provide licensed or certified appraisal services only for the specific assignment listed on the temporary permit.

I. Subject to the hearing provisions of §16-602, Annotated Code of Maryland, the Commission may deny or revoke a temporary permit for any applicable ground under Business Occupations and Professions Article, §16-701, Annotated Code of Maryland.