.03 Sanitation Requirements — General.

A. A barber school approved by the State Board of Education or the Maryland Higher Education Commission shall comply with the sanitation provisions in §B of this regulation.

B. Sanitation Provisions.

(1) Every school shall be well lighted, heated, and ventilated, and shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition.

(2) The walls, curtains, and floor coverings in a school shall be washed and kept clean.

(3) All schools shall be supplied with hot and cold running water.

(4) The premises shall be kept free from rodents, vermin, flies, or similar insects.

(5) The school may not be used for sleeping or living quarters.

(6) All hair, cotton, or other waste material shall be removed from the floor without delay and deposited in a closed container and removed from the premises frequently.

(7) Rest rooms shall be kept in a sanitary condition and have a soap dispenser and disposable towels.

(8) All students shall be attired in clean, washable garments.

(9) The hands of a student shall be washed before attending each patron.

(10) Surgical latex gloves shall be worn if a student has a cut or open wound.

(11) Instruments used in direct contact with a client shall be washed in hot, soapy water before being immersed in a disinfectant solution for the required period of time as specified in §B(12) of this regulation.

(12) Instruments shall be disinfected in a wet sanitizer containing an EPA registered, hospital-grade tuberculocidal disinfectant in a quantity sufficient to cover those portions of the instruments that come in direct contact with a client.

(13) Each school shall have:

(a) At least one wet sanitizer containing a disinfectant solution as specified in §B(12) of this regulation; and

(b) One closed drawer or cabinet for each work station being used by a licensee or registrant.

(14) Cleaned and disinfected implements and equipment shall be stored in a closed dry cabinet or drawer which contains no other objects or substances.

(15) The use of neck dusters, styptic pencil, lump alum, or any other equipment or implement which cannot be sanitized and disinfected may not be used on more than one client.

(16) Every head rest shall be covered with a new clean towel or disposable paper for each client.

(17) A school shall have a closed cabinet in which laundered towels are stored and a separate bin or hamper for the disposal of soiled towels. If the school does its own laundering, the school shall have both an automatic washer and dryer on the premises.

(18) An instrument that caused a skin abrasion or a cut to the skin shall be cleansed and disinfected immediately. If bleeding occurs, a tissue or cotton shall be used to collect the blood. Blood-contaminated materials shall be disposed of immediately in a sealed, double-plastic bag.

(19) A student whose hands come in contact with blood shall wash and disinfect them immediately.

(20) A minimum of eight combs and four brushes shall be available for each student.

(21) Protective neck strips or similar covering shall be used on each client.

(22) Shampoo bowls shall be washed after each shampoo and sanitized frequently with a disinfectant to assure cleanliness.

(23) Soiled combs, brushes, towels, or other used material shall be removed from the tops of work stations immediately after use.

(24) Objects dropped on the floor may not be used until they are cleansed and disinfected.

(25) All barber chairs and waiting chairs shall be maintained in good repair and in a sanitary condition.