.02 Owner Responsibility.

The holder of a barber shop permit is responsible for:

A. The condition and operation of the shop in compliance with the laws and regulations governing the practice of barbering;

B. Displaying a sign containing the name and nature of the establishment, in at least 3-inch bold display-type lettering, on the outside of the premises in full view of the street or public walkway unless otherwise directed by the Board;

C. Displaying, in full view of the public:

(1) The shop permit;

(2) A zoning certification or other approval for the practice of barbering on the premises; and

(3) A condensed version of the laws and regulations regarding the licensing and regulation of individuals authorized to perform services in a barber shop, and owners of a barber shop, as provided by the Board;

D. Ensuring that all employees of the shop are properly licensed or registered;

E. Ensuring that an employee does not perform services beyond the scope of the applicable license or registration;

F. Employing a sufficient number of master barbers who are qualified to supervise the training of apprentices to ensure that each apprentice being trained in the shop is individually supervised and trained.