.01 Shop — General.

A. Application for a barber shop permit shall be submitted to the Board together with certification of approval with respect to zoning, health, fire prevention, and all other laws, ordinances, and requirements applicable to the establishment.

B. A person establishing a residential shop shall meet the following requirements in addition to the requirements set forth in §A of this regulation:

(1) The shop shall be completely separate and distinct from all living quarters;

(2) The shop shall be in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances;

(3) The shop shall have a separate outside entrance for use of shop patrons; and

(4) The shop shall have a restroom facility maintained for exclusive use by shop clients.

C. A barber shop shall have the following minimum fixtures, facilities, and equipment:

(1) One barber pole or barber sign;

(2) One barber chair in good repair;

(3) One back bar or work station;

(4) One cabinet or drawer for clean towels;

(5) One covered container for disposal of soiled towels;

(6) Proper sterilization equipment.

D. More than one shop permit may not be issued for any one premises unless a separate and distinct shop entity is established on a different level of the one premises.

E. Mobile Barbershops.

(1) All mobile units shall prominently display on the outside of the unit the name of the non-mobile barbershop that serves as the mobile unit's permanent base address.

(2) All health and safety rules governing barbering shall apply to mobile units unless otherwise specified.

(3) All storage containers, cabinets, and drawers shall have safety catches.

(4) All equipment not in storage cabinets or drawers shall be securely anchored.

(5) A ramp or lift shall be provided for access to the mobile unit if providing services for disabled individuals.

(6) Services may not be provided while the mobile unit is in motion.

(7) The owners of mobile units shall be responsible for adherence to all local, State and federal laws and regulations regarding the operation of vehicles to be used as mobile units.

(8) An itinerary showing dates, locations and times of service shall be made available, upon request, to an authorized representative of the board.

F. Preopening Inspection.

(1) Before a shop permit is issued, the premises shall be inspected by a Board member or inspector.

(2) If the premises are not in compliance with the laws and regulations governing barbering, the Board may refuse to issue the permit.