.02 Modifications to the International Mechanical Code.

A. Chapter 1, §101.1 of the International Mechanical Code shall be read to include “the State of Maryland” as the name of jurisdiction indicated there.

B. Add note to Chapter 1, §101.3: If a conflict arises as to methods of installation, maintenance, and repair under this Code, the manufacturer’s operation and installation manual or instructions shall govern.

C. Sections Omitted.

(1) Chapter 1, omit sections:

(a) §103.1—.4 (entirely) Department of Mechanical Inspection;

(b) §104.1—.7 (entirely) Duties and Powers of the Code Official;

(c) §105.1—.5 (entirely) Approval;

(d) §106.1—5.3 (entirely) Permits;

(e) §107.1—.6 (entirely) Inspections and Testing;

(f) §108.1—.7.3 (entirely) Violations;

(g) §109.1—.7 (entirely) Means of Appeal; and

(h) §110.1—.4 (entirely) Temporary Equipment, systems and Uses.

(2) Chapter 9, omit sections:

(a) §902.1—.2 (entirely) Masonry Fireplaces;

(b) §903.1—.4 (entirely) Factory-Built Fireplaces;

(c) §904.1 (entirely) Pellet Fuel-Burning Appliances;

(d) §906.1 (entirely) Factory-Built Barbecue Appliances;

(e) §914.1—5.1 (entirely) Sauna Heaters;

(f) §923.1—1.1 (entirely) Small Ceramic Kilns; and

(g) §925.1 (entirely) Masonry Heaters.

D. Add note to Chapter 3, §301.14.1: Temporary repairs may not be made to a damaged heat exchanger.

E. Add note to Chapter 3, §306.3: Air-handling units, furnaces, and water heaters installed in attics shall be accessible by an opening of 30 inches by 30 inches in accordance with subsections (1) and (2) of this note, below:

(1) Access to the attic opening shall be provided by a permanent or pull-down stairway in all new construction. In existing installations, portable ladders shall be acceptable.

(2) The passageway from the attic opening to the equipment may exceed 20 feet, subject to job conditions and approval by the local authority.