.04 Restoration of Expired License.

A. The Board may restore the license of an individual who has failed to renew the license for any reason if the individual:

(1) Applies for restoration within 90 days of expiration of the license;

(2) Otherwise is entitled to be licensed; and

(3) Pays to the Board the renewal fee.

B. An individual who fails to seek the restoration of a license within 90 days of expiration of the license shall:

(1) File a written letter with the Board providing:

(a) The reasons the individual permitted the license to expire,

(b) An explanation for the individual's failure to file a timely application for license renewal or restoration,

(c) A statement of the individual's employment and job duties since the license expiration, and

(d) Any documentation to support the individual's claims; and

(2) Appear in person before the Board to show good and valid cause why the individual's license should be restored, if the Board requires the individual to do so.

C. The Board may:

(1) Restore an expired license of the applicant under this regulation if the applicant:

(a) Is otherwise entitled to be licensed, and

(b) Pays to the Board all past due renewal fees, and any applicable reinstatement and late fees;

(2) Require the applicant to pay the applicable examination fees, and take and successfully pass the written examination required for the license previously held by the applicant; or

(3) Consider the applicant as having never been licensed, in accordance with Business Regulation Article, §9A-309(e)(2), Annotated Code of Maryland, thus requiring the filing of a new application and complying with Business Regulation Article, §9A-302, Annotated Code of Maryland.