.03 Advertisements.

A. Definition. For purposes of this regulation, "license number" means the license registration certificate number that shows on the license document received by the individual licensee.

B. License Number on Vehicles.

(1) Each vehicle that advertises heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or refrigeration services shall display the current category and license number of the master, master restricted, or limited licensed contractor who supervises and controls the work of that company in that particular area.

(2) Each licensed heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or refrigeration master, master restricted, or limited contractor shall display the licensee's license category and license number on both sides of all vehicles primarily used by the licensee or under the licensee's supervision and control for the performance of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration services.

(3) A contractor's license category shall be indicated by the following prefixes:

(a) .01 for a master license;

(b) .02 for a master restricted license;

(c) .06 for a limited license.

(4) The license category and the license number shall be displayed on each vehicle in the following form:

(a) Md.-----HVAC-----category prefix-----license number;

(b) Display of letters or numbers shall be at least 1-1/2 inches in height.

C. Each printed, audio, or video advertisement of any type, and all contracts shall reflect the license category and license number, in a manner as described in §B(4)(a) of this regulation, of the current licensee to be responsible for the work.