.03 Fees and Costs.

A. The Secretary and the mechanical boards have agreed to average their direct and indirect costs, based on the calculation of costs performed by the Secretary in consultation with the mechanical boards. Based on these calculations, the Board sets the following fees:

(1) Original and renewal license:

(a) Master — $75;

(b) Master Restricted — $25 for each area licensed;

(c) Limited — $75;

(d) Journeyman — $20;

(e) Journeyman Restricted — $20 for each area licensed; and

(f) Apprentice — $10.

(2) Inactive license — $25.

B. An applicant for an appropriate licensing examination shall pay the examination fee directly to the testing service chosen by the Board to develop or administer the examination, as such fees are established by the testing service selected by the Board.

C. An applicant who fails an examination:

(1) May reapply to take the examination 30 days after the date the applicant last took the examination; and

(2) Shall pay the fee for the examination in the manner described in §A of this regulation.

D. Inactive Status.

(1) An active license holder of a master, master restricted, or limited license, at time of renewal may renew a license holder’s license to an inactive status upon payment of the applicable fee, set forth in §A of this regulation. In order to maintain the inactive status the license holder is required to complete a renewal application and remit the applicable inactive license fee each renewal period.

(2) To reactivate an inactive license at a time other than normal renewal, the inactive license holder shall be required to pay the full license fee, shown in §A of this regulation, for the category that the license holder held before becoming inactive.