.03 Promoters.

The promoter of an amateur mixed martial arts contest shall:

A. Obtain sanctioning approval from an organization to supervise the contest, including the payment of any applicable fees;

B. Notify the organization of the date, time, and location of the amateur mixed martial arts contest at least 60 days prior to the date the contest is scheduled to be held;

C. Agree that the organization will be responsible for appointing the officials for the amateur mixed martial arts contests, and that the promoter will not be permitted to officiate the contests he or she promotes;

D. Be responsible for paying the officials the following fees, subject to increase if more than 15 contests are scheduled:

(1) One referee at a minimum of $100 per eight contests;

(2) Three judges at a minimum of $100 each;

(3) Two inspectors at a minimum of $75 each;

(4) One timekeeper at a minimum of $75;

(5) One scorekeeper at a minimum of $75; and

(6) Two ringside physicians at a minimum of $200 each; and

E. Within 48 hours prior to a scheduled amateur mixed martial contest, submit to the organization, in writing:

(1) A list containing the following for each amateur mixed martial arts contestant scheduled to participate in the contest:

(a) Name;

(b) Address;

(c) Telephone number;

(d) Age;

(e) Height and weight;

(f) Trainer;

(g) Trainer's telephone number;

(h) Training gym or school; and

(i) Amateur mixed martial arts record;

(2) A certification that two Commission-approved ringside physicians will be on-site and at ringside at all times when competition is ongoing;

(3) A certification that the requirements of Regulation .02G of this chapter will be met;

(4) A certification that the contests will be conducted under the amateur mixed martial arts regulations of the Commission;

(5) The required medical insurance and accidental death insurance policies, as described in Regulation .02D of this chapter; and

(6) Any other information the organization may reasonably request.