.03 Urine Specimen Collection Procedures.

A. The Commission shall designate an inspector and observer who shall be responsible for the collection of the urine sample from each contestant.

B. The contestant shall report to the designated inspector at a time and location designated by the Commission.

C. The contestant shall designate an individual to act as the contestant's witness to monitor the urine sampling procedure.

D. The inspector shall log the time the contestant reports to the testing area and shall, upon request, explain to the contestant instructions of the contestant's rights and responsibilities under these regulations.

E. The Commission shall provide a supply of sealed test kits. Each kit shall contain two clean specimen bottles.

F. The contestant shall randomly select a test kit and provide at least 30 milliliters of urine in each bottle.

G. The Commission inspector and observer, and the witness designated by the contestant, shall accompany the contestant continuously from the time a test kit is selected until the time the specimen bottles are filled and the required identification documents are completed.

H. The specimen bottles shall be sealed with a tamper-resistant seal by the Commission inspector or observer in the presence of the contestant and the contestant's witness.

I. The contestant, the contestant's witness, and the Commission's inspector and observer shall sign two affidavits. One affidavit shall be affixed to each bottle, which will certify that the urine sample was collected in accordance with Maryland law and these regulations and that there were no irregularities in the sampling process.

J. Evidence Bag.

(1) The inspector or observer shall place the bottles in an evidence bag and seal the evidence bag in a manner which resists tampering.

(2) The placement of the bottles into the evidence bag shall be witnessed by the contestant and the contestant's witness.

(3) The inspector, the observer, the contestant, and the contestant's witness shall certify, on a form provided by the Commission, the following:

(a) That at no time during the sample collection process, did any one tamper with or alter the labels, the bottles, or the urine sample;

(b) That certification labels, correctly identifying the urine sample as belonging to the contestant, were affixed to both bottles;

(c) That the inspector immediately sealed the bottles with tamper resistant tape upon receipt from the contestant and then placed the bottles in the evidence bag; and

(d) The date and time the sample bottles were placed in the evidence bag.

K. Certification.

(1) Any perceived irregularity shall be described and recorded on the affidavit form, before the signatures are placed on the affidavit form.

(2) Irregularity in the specimen collection process shall be defined as tampering by any party with the sample kits, specimen bottles, labels, or urine specimen.

(3) The contestant shall receive a copy of the affidavit.

L. All sealed and certified bottles shall be secured in a State Athletic Commission transportation case which shall also include a manifest of all samples collected at the event and a sample of any liquids given to the contestant to stimulate the production of urine.

M. Following the collection of the final sample, the inspector and the Commission appointed courier shall inventory all the urine samples and the inspector shall release the urine samples to the custody of the courier.

N. The courier shall affix a tamper resistant seal bearing the following information:

(1) Date and time the transportation case was sealed;

(2) Signature of the inspector; and

(3) Signature of the courier.