.04 Physical Examinations.

A. A wrestler shall be given a physical by a physician approved by the Commission before engaging in a contest.

B. A referee shall be given a physical before officiating a contest.

C. An inspector may permit a wrestler not examined under §A of this regulation, to engage in a contest if the wrestler has been examined by a licensed physician within 15 days of the scheduled contest.

D. A wrestler shall submit, on a form provided by the Commission, the results of a physical examination performed within 21 days of the application for a license.

E. The examining physician may disqualify a contestant or referee for:

(1) Blood pressure elevation, systolic pressure or diastolic pressure outside of acceptable limits as determined by the examining physician;

(2) An unhealed fracture or dislocation requiring splinting or casting; or

(3) Any other medical condition that, in the physician's opinion, renders the contestant unfit to compete, or a referee to officiate a contest.

F. The ringside physician may remain at the contest after completing the physical examinations.