.16 Rounds.

A. A round shall consist of 3 minutes separated by a 1-minute rest period.

B. A contest may not exceed 12 rounds.

C. Unless special permission has been granted by the Commission, a promoter may not schedule less than five matches in any one event and shall schedule:

(1) A minimum of 26 rounds of boxing; or

(2) A maximum of 40 rounds of boxing.

D. Except as provided in this regulation, exhibition bouts may not be used to meet the requirements of §C of this regulation.

E. The Commission may grant a promoter permission to hold a pro-am boxing event, encompassing both professional contests and amateur contests, if:

(1) The event includes a minimum of three professional matches, one of which consists of eight rounds or more;

(2) The event includes a minimum of 20 rounds of professional boxing;

(3) The event includes a minimum of eight rounds of amateur boxing;

(4) The amateur contests all precede the professional contests, with the professional contests and amateur contests being separated by a 15-minute intermission; and

(5) The promoter indicates on event tickets, as well as in advertisements pertaining to the event, that the event is a pro-am boxing event including both professional contests and amateur contests.