.14 Seconds.

A. Chief Second.

(1) Before starting a contest, the referee shall ascertain from each boxer the name of the chief second.

(2) The chief second shall be responsible for the conduct of the assistant seconds during the progress of the contest.

B. Number of Seconds. Each boxer may have at least one and not more than three seconds.

C. The following guidelines shall control the conduct of seconds:

(1) Seconds shall conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner throughout the contest;

(2) Seconds shall remain seated during a round and may not assist a boxer in any manner during the round;

(3) Seconds may not enter the ring until the timekeeper signals the conclusion of the round;

(4) Seconds are prohibited from spraying or throwing water on a boxer at any time;

(5) Seconds shall leave the ring enclosure upon the appropriate signal sounding 10 seconds before the beginning of each round; and

(6) Seconds shall leave the ring platform promptly, removing all obstructions such as buckets and stools, when the gong signals the beginning of each round.

D. Violations by Seconds.

(1) Violations of §C of this regulation, shall result in the ejection of a second from the boxer's corner.

(2) Violations of §C of this regulation, may result in the disqualification of a boxer at the referee's discretion.