.13 Judging and Scoring.

A. Judges shall score all contests and determine the winner through the use of the "ten-point must system".

B. The "ten-point must system" shall be applied as follows:

(1) The winner of each round receives ten points and the opponent a proportionately less number;

(2) If a round is even, each boxer shall receive ten points; and

(3) Fractions of points may not be awarded.

C. The awarding of a round or the match shall be based on the following factors to be scored in the order listed:

(1) Knockdown;

(2) Clean hits;

(3) Effective aggressiveness;

(4) Defense;

(5) Ring generalship; and

(6) Other relevant considerations.

D. In addition to the factors in §C of this regulation, a boxer may be given credit for the following:

(1) Sportsmanlike actions in the ring;

(2) Close adherence to the spirit as well as the letter of the regulations; and

(3) Refraining from taking technical advantage of situations unfair to an opponent.

E. Deductions of points may result from the following:

(1) Persistent delays of a boxer by clinching; and

(2) Lack of aggressiveness.

F. The following guidelines shall govern the awarding of points and the decision:

(1) Each knockdown shall have a value of one point;

(2) Points for each round shall be awarded immediately after the termination of the round;

(3) Each judge shall:

(a) Award the decision to the boxer who has the highest point total at the end of the contest, and

(b) Write the decision on the scorecard;

(4) The announcer shall collect the scorecards from the judges and deliver the scorecards to the Commission's representative for review;

(5) The Commission's representative shall advise the announcer of the decision who shall, in turn, announce the decision to the audience;

(6) A boxer receiving the decision from a majority of the judges shall be declared the winner of the contest; and

(7) If neither boxer is granted the decision by a majority of the judges, the contest shall be declared to be a draw.