.07 Fouls.

A. A boxer who flagrantly or repeatedly commits a foul may be:

(1) Disqualified in a contest by the referee; and

(2) Subject to disciplinary action under COMAR

B. A foul includes:

(1) Hitting below the belt;

(2) Hitting an opponent who is down or getting up after being down;

(3) Holding;

(4) Wrestling or kicking;

(5) Striking an opponent who is helpless as a result of blows and supported by the ropes so that the opponent does not fall;

(6) Butting with the head or shoulder or using the knee;

(7) Hitting with the open glove, or with the butt of the hand, the wrist, or the elbow, and all backhand blows;

(8) Going down without being hit;

(9) Striking at that part of the body over the kidney;

(10) The rabbit punch;

(11) Jabbing the opponent's eye with the thumb of the glove;

(12) Using abusive language in the ring;

(13) Using an unsportsmanlike trick or action causing injury to an opponent;

(14) Hitting on the break;

(15) Hitting after the bell has sounded ending the round;

(16) Roughing at the ropes;

(17) Pushing an opponent about the ring or into the ropes; and

(18) Biting.