.03 Gloves.

A. General.

(1) Gloves shall conform to specifications as determined by the Commission.

(2) Gloves shall be examined before a contest by a Commission representative and the referee.

(3) If the padding is misplaced or lumpy, or if the gloves are otherwise defective, the gloves shall be changed before the contest starts.

(4) Breaking, roughing, or twisting of gloves is not permitted.

(5) Glove weights shall be:

(a) 8 ounces for weight classifications less than 148 pounds; and

(b) 10 ounces for weight classifications 148 pounds or greater.

(6) The laces shall be knotted on the back of the wrist and tape shall be applied where the laces are knotted.

(7) The gloves shall be thumb-attached.

B. Reserved.

C. Gloves — Main Event.

(1) The promoter shall furnish approved new gloves designed to fit the hands of the contestants in a main event contest.

(2) The promoter shall deliver the gloves to the Commission at the time of the final physical for approval by the main event boxers.

(3) Upon approval, the Commission shall keep the gloves until the time of the main event contest.

D. Gloves — Preliminaries.

(1) Used gloves for preliminary contests shall be whole, clean, in sanitary condition, and subject to inspection by the referee or Commission representative.

(2) Unfit gloves shall be immediately discarded and replaced with gloves approved by the referee or Commission representative.

E. Gloves — Extra Set.

(1) All promoters shall have at each contest an extra set of 8-ounce gloves and 10-ounce gloves.

(2) Extra gloves may be used if the set of gloves currently in use are broken or damaged during the course of a contest.