.01 Boxing or Kickboxing Ring.

A. A boxing or kickboxing ring shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The boxing or kickboxing ring may not be less than 16 feet square or more than 24 feet square within the ring ropes;

(2) The platform shall extend beyond the ropes for a distance of at least 2 feet;

(3) The ring posts shall be at least 18 inches away from the ring ropes;

(4) The ring floor, both within and outside the ropes, shall be padded with a minimum of 1 inch thick unicellular safety foam;

(5) The platform shall have a top covering of canvas, duck, or equivalent material tightly stretched and laced to the platform;

(6) The platform shall be a maximum height of 4 feet above the floor of the building and shall be provided with suitable steps for use by the boxers; and

(7) The mat and coverings shall be kept clean and free of odors at all times.

B. Ring posts shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Constructed of metal with a maximum diameter of 3 inches;

(2) Extend to the floor of the ring with a maximum height of 58 inches; and

(3) Properly padded.

C. Ring ropes shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Four in number with a minimum diameter of 1 inch;

(2) The lower rope shall be 18 inches above the ring floor;

(3) The top rope shall be 54 inches above the ring floor;

(4) The remaining two ropes shall be evenly spaced between the lower and top ropes;

(5) The ropes shall be covered with a smooth plastic or other smooth, soft material;

(6) The ropes shall be adjustable and shall be kept at the correct tautness; and

(7) The ring ropes shall be tied in the center of the ropes on all four sides.