.06 Ringside Medical Equipment and Materials.

A. The following items shall be available in good working order before each contest begins:

(1) A stretcher;

(2) A portable resuscitator or Ambubag with oxygen equipment;

(3) A hard cervical collar;

(4) Endotracheal tubes with laryngoscope;

(5) A portable defibrillator; and

(6) Advanced life-support medications.

B. Only the following materials shall be allowed in a contestant's corner:

(1) Ice;

(2) Water;

(3) Cotton swabs;

(4) Gauze pads;

(5) Clean towels;

(6) Aventine;

(7) Adrenaline (one part per thousand solution);

(8) Medical diachylon tape;

(9) Enswell;

(10) Petroleum jelly;

(11) Safety scissors; and

(12) Disposable latex examination gloves.