.05 Physician at Contest.

A. The Commission shall appoint at least two physicians to insure the safety and health of all contestants in a contest.

B. One of the physicians appointed under §A of this regulation, may be a neurosurgeon or a neurologist.

C. The Commission shall designate a senior physician.

D. A senior physician has the following authority to:

(1) Interrupt a contest at any time to examine a contestant;

(2) Terminate a contest at any time after determining that serious injury has occurred or is immediately likely to occur to either contestant, or when a contestant is bleeding sufficiently to provide a health hazard to spectators and personnel;

(3) Admit a contestant to a medical facility; and

(4) Require a contestant to submit to a blood test or urinalysis.

E. The Commission shall designate ringside physicians.

F. The senior physician and ringside physician may render emergency treatment to a contestant on-site or while traveling to a hospital.