.04 Precontest Examinations.

A. A contestant and any substitute contestant shall undergo a final physical examination by a physician at a location, and on a date and time, approved by the Commission.

B. A contestant may not engage in a contest if any of the following physical conditions are determined by the Commission’s physician:

(1) A significant hernia or varicocele;

(2) Organic heart murmurs or dysrhythmia;

(3) Active pulmonary lesions;

(4) Vision that fails to meet the requirements of Regulation .02E of this chapter;

(5) Oral temperature over 100°F;

(6) Systolic pressure or diastolic pressure outside of acceptable limits;

(7) Infectious skin lesions, such as boils or infected wounds;

(8) Wounds, especially on face and ears, that are incompletely or poorly healed;

(9) Hand injuries and fractures less than 6 weeks old that would be detrimental to the contestant's showing or to subsequent healing;

(10) Use of narcotics, stimulants, depressants, or strong analgesics; or

(11) Detached retina, retinal tear, or macular hole in one or both eyes.

C. Upon certification by a contestant's ophthalmologist who performed the operation, and upon review and approval of the Commission's senior physician, a repaired retinal abnormality may not automatically disqualify a contestant from participation in a contest. Documentation shall be submitted to the Commission 1 month in advance.

D. The Commission may cancel a boxing contest if either contestant in a contest fails to appear for the final physical by 12 p.m. on the day of the contest.

E. Within 1 hour before the first contest, the Commission's physician may, at any time, conduct a brief examination to determine if a contestant's physical condition has changed since the final physical.

F. A referee shall be given a physical examination before officiating a contest.

G. A contestant under contract who is injured or becomes ill before a contest shall submit to the Commission, before the date of the contest, a notarized medical report by a physician detailing the nature of the injury or illness and the prognosis for recovery.

H. On the date of the contest, a contestant shall declare use of any medication on the final physical examination form including the name, the dosage, and the time of the last injection or ingestion of any prescription or non-prescription drug.

I. The Commission shall provide the contestant with a written statement which explains the contestant's rights and responsibilities under these regulations at the pre-fight examination on the date of the contest.