.03 Commission Sanction Required.

A. A contest may not take place unless sanctioned by the Commission.

B. Promoters shall file a written request for a sanction with the Commission at least 30 days before a boxing, kickboxing, or mixed martial arts contest containing the following information:

(1) The names of the main event contestants;

(2) The time, date, and location of the contest;

(3) A plan for the employment of uniformed security at the contest; and

(4) Other information as may be required by the Commission.

C. Before a contest is sanctioned by the Commission, a promoter may not:

(1) Advertise or give notice through any medium that the contest is to take place; or

(2) Sell or distribute any tickets to the contest.

D. Substitution of Contestants.

(1) If either of the contestants in the main event contest is unable to appear on the night of the contest, a substitute contestant may not participate unless a new sanction is obtained from the Commission.

(2) If a substitution occurs under §D(1), of this regulation, the price of admission printed on tickets shall be refunded upon request to each spectator at the box office in accordance with COMAR 09.14.09.

E. Each contestant shall be insured through a group insurance policy provided by the Commission as follows:

(1) Minimum medical expense coverage of $10,000; and

(2) Minimum coverage of $10,000 for death, dismemberment, or loss of sight.

F. The terms and conditions of the coverage in §E of this regulation shall be governed by the insurance policy between the Commission and its insurance carrier.

G. Nothing in this regulation shall preclude a promoter from providing coverage in excess of the coverage stated in §E of this regulation.

H. If the promoter provides insurance coverage, a copy of the policy shall be given to the Commission not later than the final physical and shall list the Commission as an additional insured.

I. The Commission may cancel a sanction obtained through fraud or misrepresentation.

J. A contest may be cancelled at the exclusive discretion of the Commission.