.02 Contract Between Promoter and Contestant.

A. A contract between a promoter and a contestant shall include the following provisions:

(1) The amount of guarantee or percentage promised by the promoter to the contestant;

(2) The number and time limit of rounds;

(3) The time and location that the contestants are scheduled to appear;

(4) Weight specifications of the contestants;

(5) A prohibition against the contestant engaging in a contest at least 14 days before the contest stated in the contract;

(6) Legal rights and obligations of the contracting parties;

(7) A provision stating that:

(a) Drug testing is mandatory in boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts contests sanctioned by the State Athletic Commission;

(b) Signing the contract is consent to submit to drug testing supervised by the Commission;

(c) Refusing to submit to the urine test subjects a contestant to disciplinary action by the Commission; and

(d) Testing positive for prohibited drugs:

(i) Is cause for a contestant to forfeit the purse set; and

(ii) Subjects a contestant to disciplinary action by the Commission; and

(8) The contestant agrees to comply with all laws, regulations, and directives of the Commission.

B. Unless the Commission otherwise approves, contracts for main event contestants shall be filed with the Commission with the request for sanction.

C. Unless the Commission otherwise approves, contracts for other contestants in a contest shall be submitted to the Commission not later than 5 business days before the date of the contest.

D. A promoter may not pay a purse specified in the contract until the Commission gives written approval to the promoter.

E. Unless the Commission otherwise approves, a contestant, or a manager on behalf of a contestant, may not obligate a contestant to participate in any boxing, kickboxing, or mixed martial arts contest within 14 days before or after a date on which the contestant participates or is contracted to participate in another contest.

F. For the purposes of this regulation, the promoter-contestant contract received first in time by the Commission prevails over any other promoter-contestant contract.

G. Failure to Appear.

(1) Except as provided below, if a contestant absents himself from a contest for which the contestant is contractually obligated to participate, the contestant and the manager of the contestant are subject to disciplinary action.

(2) If a contestant is unable to fulfill a contract due to a physical disability, the contestant shall be placed on medical suspension until the Commission receives documentation of the contestant's physical disability signed by a licensed physician. Upon the expiration of the suspension, the contestant shall fulfill the contract against the same opponent or similar opponent within a reasonable amount of time as set by the Commission, unless the contestant obtains a written release from the contract by the promoter.

(3) If a contestant presents a valid written excuse for not fulfilling the contract, the contestant shall, when the reasons necessitating the excuse no longer apply, fulfill the contract against the same opponent or a similar opponent within a reasonable period of time.