.07 License Denial, Suspension, Fines, and Revocation.

A. The Commission may deny a license to any applicant or revoke a license if the applicant or licensee:

(1) Has been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude;

(2) Has violated a regulation or order of the Commission;

(3) Has violated a directive of the Commission or its representatives;

(4) Has failed to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Commission the physical competence to participate as a contestant;

(5) Has failed to comply with any safety and health standards in COMAR 09.14.04;

(6) Fraudulently or deceptively obtains or attempts to obtain a license for the applicant or for another;

(7) Fraudulently or deceptively uses a license; or

(8) Has failed to properly supervise the activities of an official or employee of the licensee.

B. In addition to or instead of a period of suspension, the Commission may impose a monetary fine not to exceed $2,000 per violation.

C. If a license application is denied, an applicant may not reapply for a license for at least 1 year from the date of the denial.

D. If a license is revoked, the Commission may provide for a minimum period of time before receiving a new application.