.02 Contestants.

A. An applicant for a license as a contestant shall be:

(1) At least 18 years old;

(2) Not more than 36 years old unless special permission is granted by the Commission upon a review of the applicant's experience and physical fitness.

B. An applicant shall submit medical reports required by COMAR 09.14.04.

C. An applicant shall have a licensed manager, licensed second, or qualified licensee certify to the Commission that the applicant is physically competent as a contestant and possesses the skill of a trained contestant in the sport for which the applicant is seeking a license, including:

(1) Competence in the elements of offense and defense;

(2) Clean hitting;

(3) Ring generalship; and

(4) Physical stamina to participate in:

(a) At least four 3-minute rounds of boxing or kickboxing, if the application is for a boxer or kickboxer license; or

(b) At least three 5-minute rounds of mixed martial arts, if the application is for a mixed martial arts contestant license.

D. An applicant shall submit two recent passport-size color photographs with an application.