.10 Record Keeping.

A. Responsibility to Maintain Records.

(1) The responsibility of maintaining records to be used to support the continuing professional competency credit claim is the responsibility of each licensee.

(2) A licensee shall maintain the records for a period of at least 4 years from the date of completion of the qualifying activity.

B. Documentation referred to in §A(2) of this regulation, includes, but is not limited to, the following:

(1) Certificates of participation;

(2) Transcripts, if appropriate;

(3) Reprints of publications;

(4) Proof of presentations;

(5) Title and description of the activity;

(6) Dates attended;

(7) Presenter's name; or

(8) Any other appropriate information.

C. Upon the Board’s request, approved providers shall electronically transmit to the Board records of attendance, completion of a qualifying activity, and any other pertinent information requested by the Board.