.09 Approval of Providers.

A. Responsibility for Providersí Approval.

(1) The Board shall select and establish a committee to approve providers of the CPC units (the "CPC Standards Committee").

(2) The CPC Standards Committee shall consist of the following individuals:

(a) A professional land or property line surveyor serving on the Board; and

(b) A consumer member serving on the Board.

(3) In addition to the individuals referred to in §A(2) of this regulation, the CPC Standards Committee may also include any or all of the following individuals:

(a) A professional land surveyor;

(b) A property line surveyor; or

(c) An educator from a higher education institution or a community college familiar with the land surveying or property line surveying curriculum.

(4) The Board shall assign the responsibility of reviewing and approving the providers to the CPC Standards Committee. To the extent feasible and necessary, the CPC Standards Committee shall establish guidelines and procedures for approval of providers in accordance with the objectives stated in this chapter.

B. Providers' Eligibility.

(1) The following are considered to be preapproved providers without any further action by the Committee:

(a) National, regional, or State accredited academic institutions;

(b) National, State, or regional land surveying organizations; and

(c) Other entities that may from time to time become preapproved by the Board.

(2) The individuals or entities, including, but not limited to, professional firms conducting in-house presentations, may be approved by the Board to become approved providers upon application and approval by the CPC Standards Committee.

(3) During the application process, the Committee will determine the suitability of the provider to serve as an approved provider.

(4) The provider shall submit general information that will enable the CPC Standards Committee to evaluate the providerís qualifications. At a minimum, the CPC Standards Committee requires the following information to be submitted with each application for approval:

(a) The sample course outline detailing the content of activity to be offered;

(b) The number of CPC units to be awarded for each course; and

(c) The identity and qualifications of the course instructors.

(5) In order to be eligible to become the approved provider, the provider must offer the activity that meets the criteria for a qualifying activity set forth in Regulation .04.

C. Review and Audit of Providers. The Board may require the approved provider to document the CPC activities for audit by the Board at any time after the first presentation of the activity. Documentation shall include registration and attendance records, stated purpose, content, presentation, time and length of the activity, and participantsí evaluations.

D. Suspension and Revocation.

(1) The CPC Standards Committee, with the Boardís concurrence, may suspend or revoke approval of a provider if, in the judgment of the Board, the intent of Business Occupations and Professions Article, §15-314(f), Annotated Code of Maryland, is no longer served.

(2) An individual or organization whose providerís privilege has been suspended or revoked by the CPC Standards Committee may appeal the denial to the Board for a hearing within 30 days after the CPC Standards Committee notifies the individual or organization of the denial.

E. Roster of approved providers. The Board shall maintain and make available to licensees, as often as it considers appropriate, a roster of approved providers.