.09 Right-of-Way/Easement Surveys.

A. General. A right-of-way/easement survey is a means of obtaining, reporting, or displaying, or all of these, the necessary data to establish or reestablish the location of sufficient property lines of the affected tract of land to assure the accurate location of the strip or parcel of land being described for the use and benefit of others.

B. Result. A right-of-way/easement survey shall result in the establishment of the location of lines, areas, if needed, and other relevant data. The surveyor is not required to set markers on a right-of-way/easement survey, unless required by a party requesting surveying services.

C. Compliance. In performing the right-of-way/easement survey, the surveyor shall comply with all terms, conditions, standards, and procedures that are set forth in Regulation .03 of this chapter, except as may be otherwise modified by this regulation, or by the State, its instrumentalities, or any public or corporate body having the power of eminent domain.

D. Seal and signature of the surveyor who personally prepared or was in responsible charge of the preparation of the right-of-way/easement survey.