.07 As-Constructed or Record Surveys.

A. General. At the time the surveyor performs as-constructed, sometimes referred to as an as-built, or record surveys, the surveyor shall obtain field measurements of vertical or horizontal dimensions, or both, of constructed improvements. The constructed improvements located by the survey shall be shown by symbols, notations, or delineations and shall be so certified. All plats prepared shall meet these minimum technical standards as applicable.

B. Accuracy. The horizontal or vertical accuracy, or both, shall permit the determination of whether the position of visible constructed improvements encroach upon adjoining properties or whether they are properly placed on the subject property, in rights-of-way, or in easements provided. The vertical accuracy or horizontal accuracy, or both, shall be such that it may be determined whether the position of visible improvements is in accordance with the plans or other documents as approved by appropriate jurisdictions.

C. Seal and signature of the surveyor who personally prepared or was in responsible charge over the preparation of the as-constructed or record survey.