.07 Owner Inspection Responsibilities.

A. An owner shall hire a third-party qualified elevator inspector who is registered and authorized to perform periodic annual inspections under Regulation .04-1 of this chapter to conduct inspections under Public Safety Article, §12-809(d), Annotated Code of Maryland.

B. An inspection by a third-party qualified elevator inspector as provided for under Public Safety Article, §12-809(d), Annotated Code of Maryland, is required before a certification of registration and inspection is issued.

C. The Commissioner may not issue a certificate of registration and inspection to an owner until the third-party qualified elevator inspector has filed an inspection report certifying compliance with the Safety Code and regulations adopted by the Commissioner.

D. An owner shall ensure that an elevator unit suspended by wire ropes, belts, chains, or a similar suspension or an elevator with rack and pinion drive has a comprehensive 5-year inspection.

E. Comprehensive 5-Year Inspection.

(1) A comprehensive 5-year inspection under §D of this regulation is a periodic annual inspection and a full load test performed on an elevator unit as defined in the Safety Code as a Category 5 Periodic Test.

(2) For a comprehensive 5-year inspection:

(a) The Commissioner shall establish the 5-year inspection anniversary date for each unit;

(b) An owner shall ensure that each unit is tested by persons qualified to perform such testing as provided in the Safety Code;

(c) An owner shall coordinate with the Commissioner the date and time of the inspection by filing an inspection request with the Commissioner at least 60 days prior to the inspection; and

(d) If an owner provides the Commissioner with less than 60 days notice of the inspection request, the Commissioner shall schedule the inspection at the convenience of the State, subject to the availability of State resources.

F. This regulation does not preclude an owner from having an elevator unit inspected more frequently than required by this regulation.