.17 Equipment and Materials.

A. Guarding.

(1) The owner shall ensure that machinery is guarded to prevent contact with belts, fan blades, or similar moving components.

(2) Guards shall be:

(a) Designed to perform a specific task;

(b) Properly secured; and

(c) Properly maintained in a condition consistent with the intent of the guard’s design.

(3) Before a guard is removed for maintenance purposes:

(a) The equipment shall be locked out or tagged out; and

(b) The guard shall be replaced before normal operation is resumed.

(4) A guard shall be designed so that it does not pose a hazard itself.

B. Portable Electric Generators.

(1) A portable electric generator is not required to be grounded if the portable electric generator:

(a) Supplies only equipment mounted on the generator; or

(b) Supplies power to the equipment through receptacles mounted on the generator that are connected by plug and cord and single extensions.

(2) If a portable electric generator does not comply with §B(1) of this regulation, the owner shall ensure that a grounding electrode, such as a ground rod, is used for any fault current.

(3) A portable electric generator shall be listed and labeled by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.

(4) A portable electric generator may not be located:

(a) Near user or pedestrian traffic; or

(b) In locations that may be hazardous.