.11 Records and Reports.

A. The Inflatable Amusement Attraction Daily Inspection and Daily Pre-Opening Checklist shall be:

(1) Signed by the person performing the inspection immediately upon completion of the inspection;

(2) Kept with the inflatable amusement attraction or at an on-site office; and

(3) Maintained for at least 30 days.

B. Identification Records. An owner shall maintain a record of the name and identification number of each operator and attendant with the following information:

(1) Inflatable amusement attraction that the operator and attendant operated; and

(2) The date and location of operation.

C. Record of Training.

(1) Each owner shall:

(a) Maintain a record of training provided to each operator and attendant; and

(b) Provide the Commissioner with a copy of the record of training on request.

(2) The training record shall indicate the following for each operator and attendant:

(a) The name or identification number;

(b) A detailed description of the training provided; and

(c) A list of all the inflatable amusement attractions for which the operator and attendant received training.