.07 Special Inflated Amusement Structures.

A. For a special inflated amusement structure located in an amusement park, carnival, or fair, the owner shall make a request to the fire official for the jurisdiction where the amusement attraction is located for fire safety inspection:

(1) Before operation at each location; and

(2) When there is a change in construction, materials, or decorations.

B. Exits.

(1) At least two exits remote from each other shall be provided for each floor, tier, room, or balcony in a structure that contains a special inflatable amusement structure.

(2) An exit may not be less than 22 inches wide.

C. A certificate of inspection for an inflatable amusement attraction issued by the Commissioner is valid for the inflatable attraction only and does not address fire safety issues that may require review by the local fire official.