.06 Inspections.

A. Inspection Hours.

(1) Inflatable amusement attraction inspections will normally be conducted during the business hours of 8 a.m. through 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

(2) The Commissioner may schedule inspections at other times when the Commissioner determines that there are extenuating circumstances.

B. The Commissioner may review the following as part of the inspection:

(1) The Daily Inspection Pre-Opening Checklist;

(2) The owner’s manual; and

(3) Other information as requested including, but not limited to, the manufacturer’s specifications.

C. If after an inspection the Commissioner determines that corrective action is necessary, the Commissioner may issue a safety work order that details the required corrective action, including the time allowed for abatement of each action.

D. In response to the issuance of a safety work order, the Commissioner may:

(1) Grant an extension of the time allowed to abate the action;

(2) Deny or revoke a certificate of inspection of an inflatable amusement attraction; or

(3) Issue a citation with a penalty.

E. If required, a certificate of inspection of an inflatable amusement attraction shall be posted in public view on or in front of the inflatable amusement attraction for which the certificate is issued.