.10 Fire Protection.

A. At each go-kart operation:

(1) At least one fire extinguisher shall be located in the:

(a) Pit area of each track;

(b) Refueling area; and

(c) Garage;

(2) Fire extinguishers shall be located in the infield area as necessary to ensure safety and ready access.

B. The fire extinguishers shall be:

(1) Prominently marked; and

(2) Easily accessible.

C. No Smoking Sign.

(1) A no smoking sign shall be posted in the pit area of each track, refueling area, garage, and in the infield area at locations to give adequate notice.

(2) The no smoking signs shall be clearly visible.

D. Karts shall be refueled:

(1) At a designated location away from any area accessible to the public;

(2) After the kart is:

(a) Turned off; and

(b) Evacuated.