.07 Control of Operation.

A. A kart shall be operated in accordance with the manual as required in Regulation .04 of this chapter.

B. The owner shall authorize each operator to prevent unsafe conditions.

C. The owner shall provide a sufficient number of operators to ensure that:

(1) Karts are operated in a safe manner; and

(2) Riders comply with the posted signs.

D. When determining the number of operators to provide, the owner shall take into account the:

(1) Design and size of the track;

(2) Number of karts on the track; and

(3) Capacity of the track.

E. At least one operator shall be at each track during operation.

F. Before assignment to a track, each operator shall be trained in:

(1) The use and function of the kart;

(2) Procedures for refueling;

(3) Posted instructions for riders;

(4) The go-kart operation's general emergency plan; and

(5) Methods of controlling horseplay or unsafe behavior.

G. Karts operating simultaneously on a track shall:

(1) Operate at a rate of speed sufficiently similar to ensure that speed differentials pose no hazard; and

(2) Be sufficiently similar in design to ensure that contact between karts does not result in:

(a) The interlock of karts or kart parts;

(b) A roll-over; or

(c) Other similar hazards.

H. Maximum Speed.

(1) Each track shall have a maximum speed which ensures safe operation.

(2) The maximum speed shall be one of the following:

(a) The speed established by the Commissioner, after such investigation as the Commissioner deems appropriate; or

(b) If the Commissioner does not establish a maximum speed, the speed established by the owner based on the following considerations:

(i) Track design, including the grade;

(ii) Track surface;

(iii) Radius of the curves; and

(iv) Age of the riders.

(3) The owner shall ensure that a kart cannot be operated in excess of the maximum speed.

I. Operating Speed.

(1) Throughout each day's operation, the owner shall adjust the kart speed as necessary to ensure safe operation.

(2) The operating speed may not exceed the maximum speed.

(3) In determining the operating speed, the owner shall consider such factors as:

(a) Age of riders;

(b) Number of karts on the track;

(c) Track conditions; and

(d) Weather conditions.

(4) An owner shall ensure that a kart cannot be operated in excess of the operating speed.