.06 Daily Inspections.

A. The owner shall ensure that a go-kart operation is inspected each day before the start of operation.

B. The inspection and test shall be made:

(1) By an owner or operator experienced and instructed in the proper assembly and operation of the amusement ride or attraction; and

(2) In accordance with the specifications included in the manual.

C. The owner shall inspect the go-kart operation to determine that the karts, tracks, and facility:

(1) Are in safe operating condition; and

(2) Conform to the requirements in this chapter and COMAR 09.12.62.

D. The inspection of each kart shall:

(1) Include the operation of:

(a) Speed-limiting devices,

(b) The brake system, and

(c) Control devices;

(2) Ensure that a part is not damaged, missing, or worn in a manner that is or may become unsafe.

E. A record of each inspection shall be:

(1) Made at once upon completion of the test;

(2) Kept at a central location at the site of operation;

(3) Maintained for 30 days; and

(4) Made available to the Commissioner upon request.