.05 Posted Warning Signs.

A. At the entrance to the track, at the pit area, and at the ticket booth, the owner shall post a sign conveying the following instructions:

(1) Obey all instructions given by the operator;

(2) The following activities are strictly prohibited:

(a) Use of a kart when under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

(b) Bumping karts together;

(c) Smoking in a kart or in any area posted with a no smoking sign; and

(d) Weaving, cutting off, or horseplay on the track;

(3) Loose clothing shall be secured;

(4) Hair that is shoulder-length or longer shall be tied up;

(5) Restraining devices, when provided, shall be worn;

(6) Both hands shall be kept on the wheel when the kart is in operation;

(7) Both feet shall be kept in the kart at all times;

(8) Except for karts designed for two passengers, only one person may occupy each kart;

(9) Remain inside the kart until directed by the operator to exit.

B. Directional Signs.

(1) At least one sign indicating the direction of travel shall be posted at the pit area.

(2) Additional signs indicating the direction of travel shall be posted at regular intervals around the track perimeter.

C. Signs shall be in English, or, if appropriate, in other languages, pictures, symbols, or any combination of these.

D. A sign shall:

(1) Be constructed of wood, metal, or other material which can endure for several years;

(2) Be constructed, placed, and maintained in such a manner that it poses no hazard and is clearly visible; and

(3) Contain lettering at least 1 inch high, on a contrasting background.