.04 Manual.

A. Each owner of a go-kart operation shall develop a detailed written operational manual for the construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of the go-kart operation.

B. Each owner shall ensure that the manual is legible, in English, and readily accessible to operators.

C. The manual shall include:

(1) Manufacturer specifications for kart maintenance, repair, operation, and inspection;

(2) Track maintenance and repair procedures;

(3) Equipment operation instructions;

(4) Inspection procedures which include items specified in Regulation .06 of this chapter;

(5) Operator job descriptions;

(6) First aid procedures;

(7) A list of emergency medical telephone numbers;

(8) Recordkeeping logs for:

(a) Operational activities, including daily inspections; and

(b) Injuries; and

(9) A written emergency plan which includes the requirements contained in COMAR

D. If manufacturer specifications for kart maintenance, repair, operation, and inspection are unavailable for good cause, the owner shall:

(1) Develop specifications that shall ensure the safety of the riding public; and

(2) Include the specifications in §D(1), of this regulation, in the manual.

E. Each owner shall ensure compliance with the manual.

F. The owner shall make the manual available to the Commissioner upon request.