.06 Identification and State Registration Plates.

A. Information Plate.

(1) An information plate:

(a) Is required for each amusement attraction;

(b) Shall be printed in English; and

(c) Shall be designed to remain legible for the expected life of the amusement attraction.

(2) The information plate shall include the following, as applicable:

(a) Serial number, which is a manufacturer-issued or owner-issued unique identifying number;

(b) Name of the amusement attraction;

(c) Manufacturer of the amusement attraction;

(d) Date of manufacture, which is the month and year of manufacture, as determined by the manufacturer, if known;

(e) Speed, maximum, minimum, or both, revolutions per minute, feet per second, or miles per hour, as applicable;

(f) Direction of travel, if the direction of travel is essential to the safe operation of the amusement attraction; and

(g) Rated capacity.

B. State Registration Plate.

(1) The Commissioner shall issue a State registration number and State registration plate to each registered amusement attraction.

(2) If the registration number is no longer legible, the owner shall notify the Commissioner for issuance of a replacement State registration plate.

C. Each amusement attraction shall have the information plate and State registration plate firmly attached in a readily visible location on the amusement attraction.