.05 Maryland Building Performance Standards.

A. The IBC, IRC, and IECC, as modified in Regulation .04 of this chapter, shall constitute the Maryland Building Performance Standards.

B. Local Amendments.

(1) Each local jurisdiction:

(a) May by local amendment modify the provisions of the Standards to address conditions peculiar to the local jurisdiction's community;

(b) May adopt and amend the IGCC to be part of the Standards applicable in the local jurisdiction.

(c) May not adopt any amendments that weaken the requirements of the IECC or Chapter 13 of the IBC;

(d) Except as set forth in Public Safety Article, §12-504(a)(1)(iii), Annotated Code of Maryland, may not adopt any amendments that weaken the automatic fire sprinkler systems provisions for townhouses and one- and two-family dwellings contained in the Standards; and

(e) May not adopt amendments that weaken the wind design and wind–borne debris provisions contained in the Standards.

(2) If a local jurisdiction adopts a local amendment, the Standards as amended by the local jurisdiction shall apply in that local jurisdiction.

(3) If a local amendment conflicts with the provisions of the Standards, the provisions of the local amendment shall prevail in the local jurisdiction.

(4) Local amendments shall be submitted to the Department:

(a) At least 15 days before the effective date of the amendment; or

(b) In the case of an emergency adoption of a local amendment, within 5 days after the local amendment's adoption.