.09 Responsibilities of the Sponsor.

The sponsor shall:

A. Recruit and interview applicants, schedule testing, instruct applicants on completing applications, and brief applicants for interviews;

B. Keep application records up to date;

C. Indoctrinate new apprentices, assign apprentices for training, and recommend remedial work, if needed;

D. Arrange for related instruction;

E. Assist in the selection of and supervise classroom instructors, supervise the in-class instruction, and conduct workshops for instructors, if applicable;

F. Prepare and disburse course materials, and revise or update course materials for apprentices, journeypersons, and instructors, if applicable;

G. Develop, purchase, assemble, and keep in repair all training aids and instructional materials for the classroom, if applicable;

H. Maintain accurate records on apprentice grades, progress, attendance, and work experience;

I. Evaluate journeyperson's and employer's reports on apprentices for the full duration of the apprenticeship; and

J. Evaluate the progress of apprentice work experience and verify and certify work hours, progress, and payroll for those apprentices who are entitled to benefits under the G.I. Bill and other local, State, and federal employment and training programs.