.08 Standards for Hours of Work, Working Conditions, and Related Instruction Facilities.

A. Hours of Work.

(1) The regular work day and work week for apprentices shall conform to all applicable laws and regulations.

(2) Overtime may not:

(a) Interfere with or impair training; or

(b) Be detrimental to the health and safety of an apprentice.

B. Working Conditions.

(1) Working and all other conditions of employment for an apprentice shall conform with all laws and regulations affecting the health, welfare, and safety of the apprentice.

(2) An apprentice shall:

(a) Work under and with competent journeypersons or instructors; and

(b) Be assigned to work and learn tasks so that the apprentice obtains the diversified training on the job provided for in the apprenticeship standards.

C. Related Instruction Facilities.

(1) Program sponsors are encouraged to use existing local public vocational school facilities in formulating and establishing courses of related instruction.

(2) Alternative facilities are acceptable as meeting the related instruction requirement if:

(a) Public vocational school facilities are not available or not suitable; or

(b) The sponsors prefer to use:

(i) Private educational facilities existing within a trade or an industry,

(ii) Supervised self-study courses, or

(iii) The facilities of a private or public institution of higher learning.