.04 Criteria for an Apprenticeable Occupation.

An apprenticeable occupation is a skilled trade that:

A. Is customarily learned in a practical way through on-the-job training;

B. Can be clearly identified and commonly recognized throughout an industry;

C. Is not a part of an occupation previously recognized by the Council as apprenticeable unless that part is practiced industrywide as an identifiable and distinct trade;

D. Involves manual, mechanical, or technical skills and knowledge, which require a minimum of 2,000 hours of work and on-the-job training, not including the hours spent on related instruction;

E. Requires related instruction supplemental to the on-the-job training which may be given:

(1) In a classroom,

(2) Through correspondence courses,

(3) By self-study, or

(4) By other means of instruction approved by the Council; and

F. Involves the development of a skill which is not restricted in application to the products of any one company, but which is broad enough to be applied in similar occupations throughout an industry.