.22 Work-Study Programs.

A. Definitions.

(1) A "work-study program" is a program in which the period of normal public or private school attendance is divided between school attendance and employment in industry or business.

(2) A "work-study coordinator" is the individual assigned to supervise or administer a work-study program.

B. Application.

(1) Upon application by a work-study coordinator, the Commissioner may authorize payment to a student of an hourly rate less than the statutory minimum.

(2) The application shall state the:

(a) Title of the work-study coordinator;

(b) Name and address of the school attended by the student;

(c) Name and address of the student;

(d) Name and address of the employer;

(e) Type of work to be performed by the student;

(f) Hourly rate to be paid; and

(g) Duration of time that the student will be paid less than the statutory minimum.

(3) The employer and the work-study coordinator shall sign the application.

C. The work-study coordinator shall:

(1) Obtain, through his or her efforts, all work-study program employment opportunities;

(2) Supervise, on a continuing basis, the progress of each student in a work-study program; and

(3) Notify the Commissioner upon termination of a student's employment in the job designated on the application.