.20 Restaurant Tip Credit Wage Statement.

A. Definitions.

(1) In this regulation, the following terms have the meanings indicated.

(2) Terms Defined.

(a) “Reported tips” means tips retained by the employee and disclosed to the employer, tips distributed to the employee by the employer, or tips obtained through a valid tip pooling arrangement or tip sharing arrangement.

(b) “Restaurant” has the meaning stated in Regulation .07D of this chapter.

(c) “Tip credit wage statement” means a written or electronic statement that shows the employee’s effective hourly rate of pay, including employer paid cash wages plus all reported tips, for all tip credit hours worked for each workweek in the pay period.

B. No later than 2 weeks following the end of the pay period, a restaurant employer shall provide each employee for whom the employer utilizes a tip credit with a tip credit wage statement for each pay period that reflects all reported tips for tip credit hours for each workweek of the pay period.

C. A restaurant employer may satisfy the requirement in §B of this regulation by providing an online system through which an employee may obtain the employee’s tip credit wage statement.