.07 Training.

A. Training shall be provided for each employee at no cost.

B. The training shall be provided:

(1) As soon as possible, but not later than 6 months from the effective date of this chapter, for initial training for each current and new employee;

(2) Prior to initial assignment for each new employee;

(3) Whenever an employee is assigned new work tasks, tools, equipment, machines, or vehicles; and

(4) Whenever an employee demonstrates unsafe job performance.

C. At a minimum, training shall consist of the following elements:

(1) Safe performance of assigned work tasks;

(2) Safe use, operation, and maintenance of tools, machines, and vehicles that an employee will be using or operating, including emphasis on understanding and following the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance instructions, warnings, and precautions;

(3) Recognition of safety and health hazards associated with the employee’s specific work tasks, including the use of measures and work practices to prevent or control those hazards;

(4) Recognition, prevention, and control of other safety and health hazards in tree care and tree removal;

(5) Procedures, practices, and requirements of the employer’s work site; and

(6) The requirements of this chapter.

D. Each new employee and each employee who is required to be trained as specified in §B of this regulation shall work under the close supervision of a designated employee until the employee demonstrates to the employer the ability to safely perform new duties independently.

E. Portability of Training.

(1) Each current employee who has received training in the particular elements specified in §C of this regulation may not be required to be retrained in those elements.

(2) Prior to initial assignment, an employer shall conduct an assessment of the elements in §C of this regulation for each new employee who has previously received training to determine if the employee is competent to safely perform the work tasks.

(3) If an employer determines that an employee is not competent in certain elements of §C of this regulation, the employer shall retrain in those elements.

F. First Aid and Rescue Training.

(1) All employees shall be trained in basic first aid, including controlled bleeding and immobilization.

(2) Each employee’s first-aid training shall remain current.

G. All training shall be conducted by a qualified person.

H. The employer shall ensure that all training materials used are appropriate in content and language of the employee and where the competent person observes behavior not consistent with the training, retraining shall be provided.

I. Certification of Training.

(1) The employer shall verify that each employee has received and understands the required training through a written certification that contains the name of each employee trained and the date or dates of training and that identifies the subject of the certification.

(2) The most recent training certification shall be maintained for as long as the employee is in the employment of the employer.