.30 Stamping.

A. At the first post-installation internal or certificate inspection, the inspector shall assign to a boiler or pressure vessel a Maryland serial number that is:

(1) At least 5/16 of an inch in height;

(2) Configured as follows:

(a) For power boilers ----- MD 0000,

(b) For heating boilers --- MD 0000H,

(c) For pressure vessels -- MD 0000V,

(d) For nuclear vessels --- MD 0000N; and

(3) Stamped on:

(a) The boiler or pressure vessel, or

(b) A metal tag at least 1 inch in height, securely attached to the front of:

(i) A low pressure heating boiler constructed of cast iron, or

(ii) A pressure vessel constructed of cast iron or other material of a thickness that should not be stamped.

B. Unless a record is kept showing the location of stamping so that the stamping can be uncovered readily, stamping:

(1) May not be concealed by lagging or paint; and

(2) Shall be exposed at all times.

C. When a boiler or pressure vessel stamp is indistinct:

(1) An inspector shall direct the owner to have the boiler or pressure vessel restamped;

(2) The owner shall:

(a) Request from the chief boiler inspector permission to restamp, and

(b) Submit with the request, proof of the original stamp; and

(3) If the chief boiler inspector authorizes restamping, an inspector shall:

(a) Observe the restamping, and

(b) File with the chief boiler inspector notice of the restamping, and a facsimile of the stamp applied.

D. A condemned boiler or pressure vessel shall be stamped with:

(1) Letters 5/16 of an inch in height; and

(2) The configuration XXX MD XXX.