.09 Instruction in Real Estate Principles and Practices for Salespersons.

A. Course of Instruction.

(1) Every applicant for licensure as a real estate salesperson shall furnish, at the time of filing an application for licensure, evidence of having satisfactorily completed a course of instruction in Real Estate Principles and Practices for Salespersons.

(2) This course of instruction shall be one of the following:

(a) The Realtors Institute of Maryland (G. R. I.) Course "I" consisting of a minimum of 60 clock-hours of instruction as described under §B of this regulation, sponsored by the Maryland Association of Realtors;

(b) A course approved by the Maryland Real Estate Commission, consisting of a minimum of 60 clock-hours of instruction.

B. The minimum 60 clock-hour educational requirement for a salesperson shall embrace the following areas of study:

(1) Principles of Real Property;

(2) Landlord-Tenant Relationship;

(3) Real Estate Contracts;

(4) Rules of Agency and Listings;

(5) Transfer of Title to Real Property;

(6) Title Insurance and Settlements;

(7) Fundamentals of Appraising;

(8) Real Estate Finance;

(9) Maryland Real Estate License Law;

(10) Regulations of the Real Estate Commission;

(11) Details of the Code of Ethics;

(12) Laws and Practices Covering Human Rights and Community Relations;

(13) Basic Mathematics Pertaining to the Real Estate Industry;

(14) Property Condition Disclosure and Latent Defects;

(15) Laws and Regulations Covering Hazardous Substances.

C. Any subjects other than those set out in §B of this regulation shall be in addition to, and not be taught as a part of, the minimum 60 clock-hour course requirements.

D. Courses required by this regulation are not interchangeable with the requirements for brokers spelled out in Regulation .14 of this chapter. Likewise, the separate course for brokers required by Regulation .14 will not be accepted as satisfactory completion of the education requirements for salespersons, as set forth in this regulation.

E. An individual who demonstrates by evidence satisfactory to the Commission active and regular engagement in real estate practice as a licensed real estate salesperson in a jurisdiction other than Maryland may be considered to have satisfied the educational requirement for a salesperson set forth in this regulation if the prelicensing education requirements of that jurisdiction are equivalent to or greater than those of Maryland.

F. Effective July 1, 1995, applicants who have passed both parts of the licensing exam shall apply for licensure within 1 year of successfully completing the exam in order for the applicants' test results to remain valid.

G. Completion of Examination. An applicant for a salespersonís license shall have 1 year from completion of a prelicensing education course to pass both portions of the salesperson licensing examination. An applicant who does not pass both portions of the licensing examination within 1 year of the course completion date must complete a new prelicensing course in order to be eligible to take or retake the examination.