.46 Security Personnel.

The safety and security plans under Regulation .44 of this chapter shall:

A. Describe the security personnel at the racetrack;

B. State whether the personnel will be employed by the association or by an independent contractor;

C. Describe the organization and qualifications of the contractor, if the personnel are employed by an independent contractor;

D. State the number of individuals to be employed and the area of the racetrack at which each will serve;

E. State how many of the security personnel are law enforcement officers;

F. Provide an organizational chart of the security force with a job description of each level;

G. State the training requirements for the personnel and describe any training program provided by the association; and

H. State whether or not the security personnel are bonded and, if so, state the amount and conditions of the bond and the name and address of the surety company that issued the bond.