.45 Local Emergency Services.

The safety and security plans under Regulation .44 of this chapter shall describe the:

A. Local emergency services available to the racetrack, including fire fighting, law enforcement, and medical emergency services;

B. Security equipment for the racetrack facilities, such as fences, locks, alarms, and monitoring equipment, including the:

(1) Perimeter,

(2) Stables,

(3) Paddock,

(4) Cash room and the vault,

(5) Mutuel ticket windows,

(6) Tote room,

(7) Prerace holding area and test barn, and

(8) Parking lot; and

C. Security procedures to be used to:

(1) Admit individuals to restricted areas of the racetrack,

(2) Transfer money and mutuel tickets in each phase of pari-mutuel operations, and

(3) Expel and exclude an individual from the racetrack.